If you’re curious to see my September 2014 income report for the 5 public niche sites that I have recently built and keep working on, you’re at the right place. It’s going to be a really interesting income report since a couple of websites have picked up pace this month and fortunately we’re talking about an increase in earnings and traffic. The PBN penalty from Google hit none of my websites simply because I used no PBN links in building them, and instead I managed to find the service that works after the death of Private Blog Networks as we know them.

If you are curious to see how things looked like in August, check out the previous income report here. After you do so, let’s move on and let’s see below the September 2014 income report for my Niche Empire

What happened in September

I finally managed to move in my new apartment at the end of September and this is my first day working from my new home office. There are just a few things left to do, which means that I have a lot more time for my online business this month and hopefully from now on. It’s glad to know that I can finally give 100% to blogging again.

With the websites, there are some really amazing things to share as you will see for yourself below, and hopefully the upwards trend will continue until the end of the year. I really hope that at least two of my websites will be ready for the Christmas sales boost! But let’s check out each of the Niche Sites in my Empire!

Niche Site #1

This is my “build it and leave” it niche website. I haven’t touched it in months and I don’t plan to because it’s a low paying niche. One of my failed experiments, but one that still generates some pocket change each month. Less and less because the traffic is slowly going down:

niche site empire september 1

We’ve had about 50 uniques less than last month, but I am sure that the downwards trend will continue until this website will be completely dead. I built it using my instant success formula and it didn’t work out that well. I will probably replace it with the most recent example described in the previous link because there’s more to see there.

In terms of income, Niche Site #1 generated €2.83 (about $3.55), 1 Euro more than last month. Not much, but it’s completely passive income, so I’ll take it!

Niche Site #2

My general parenting blog. It finally started to see some movement after the purchase of The Hoth package (here is my opinion on the service), but it wasn’t too spectacular. I am still hoping to see some traction here, but it’s a really crowded niche and I don’t really have the time for this blog. In September I have published 2 articles, but we’re still not getting any income. The traffic is going up, though, thanks to The Hoth mini package:

niche site empire september 2

We went up to 112 uniques this month, compared to 75 last month, so we’re definitely moving in the right direction. Slow and steady wins the race, but hopefully this month I’ll be able to inject some nitro boos in this website as well.

Niche Site #3

My super affiliate blog in the making, as I like to call it (and hopefully I’ll soon be able to cut away the “in the making” part). The blog keeps growing, despite me building ZERO links for this website. I want to play it safe with Google and let it grow naturally. Trust me, it’s really difficult to do it! But there are some nice stats this month, traffic wise:

niche site empire september 3

As you can see, I had one mega day with a huge boost in traffic. It wasn’t natural, unfortunately: it was me sharing an article on a social network and it got some clicks. I was extremely excited about this, but these were clicks that generated no sales and no regular readers afterwards. Organic traffic is what matters the most here and I didn’t have that! Still, it was nice to see that the blog has potential to lure people in. Next time, I’ll make them buy too!

Still, the website did generate some income: 5 products were shipped in September and I am extremely excited about this, as we have the first affiliate income here. Hopefully the numbers will increase a lot in the coming months:

niche site empire september amazon earnings

I have published three new articles on this blog in September, but I am encouraged by the sales and I’ll work even harder to publish new high quality content for this blog in October too. Until then, I’ll take the profit of $15.17 and enjoy it!

Niche Site #4

My expat blog for a country that’s not a popular choice among expats. Many might say no to such a blog, but I like the low competition and the fact that I enjoy writing for this blog. Just three new articles were published this month and no link building has been made. Actually, this is another blog of mine where I have invested very little in link building, and the traffic is still nice:

niche site empire september 4

With 1,504 uniques and 3,105 Page Views, we’ve done better than last month, but it seems that numbers are stalling around this mark. I have researched and planned some strong articles, only if I can find the time for them!

In terms of income, the blog generated €8.95 ($11.25) in AdSense and an extra $4.45 from Media.NET, for a grand total of $15.7, a bit better than last month.

Niche Site #5

This blog decided to get back from the dead this month and received quite some attention from the world and I absolutely enjoyed it. To hopefully feed the need for traffic, I have published a lot of new articles here: 14, but it was well worth the trouble, as traffic has increased tremendously:

niche site empire september 5

With 500% more uniques than last month, I have all the reasons to be happy. Especially now since the revenue has also increased quite a bit. Here are the numbers for Niche Site 5:

AdSense: €42.26 / $53.37
Kontera: $7.37
CPM Network: $4.80
Amazon: 0

The biggest problem here was the huge drop in earnings from the CPM network. I have decided to remove the low performing network and I am looking for a replacement right now, hopefully we’ll be able to get back on track soon. Still, with a total income of $65.54, which is over 100% more than last month, I am satisfied.

So for September 2014, here are my stats:

TOTAL EXPENSES: $5.99 (shared hosting)

Please note: This income report is only for these 5 niche websites and does not represent my entire online revenue.

Plans & Predictions for October

Christmas is getting closer and probably this will result in increased advertiser prices and hopefully visitors that are ready to purchase more. The holiday madness won’t be upon us yet, but things should get better. And now with me fully moved into my new apartment and ready to give 100% to blogging, I really hope to be able to report some nice activity and upwards movements from the blogs in my Niche Empire.

Income-wise, I believe that things will stay the same. The major player here is still NS5, which is always a wild card and it has moments like this month when it does great, and other moments when it goes completely out of the radar. But that’s the nice thing about the online world – it’s always unexpected and as long as the pleasant surprises outweight the unpleasant ones, it’s all good!

How did you do in September? Was it a good month for you in terms of online revenue?


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