With October 2014 behind us, it’s time to check out the stats of my “niche empire” and see how things went this month in terms of revenue and visitors. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you’re curious to see my October 2014 income report and analysis of my 5 niche sites.

October was finally the month where I could focus almost completely on blogging, so it’s back to normal in this case. I have managed to publish a lot of new content, but had no time to work on the link building. If you know me, you know that I take a really cautious approach when it comes to link building and I prefer to have the links come naturally and I rarely invest in buying links or doing illegal things, in order to not get slapped by Google. Writing great content and answering to the needs of my readers is my top priority and I will continue doing it – which is what I recommend to you too.

Now let’s get back to the October 2014 income report for my niche blogs – I do have some exciting news to share!

Niche Site #1

01 october 2014 income report

My insta-success blog replaces the “build it and leave it” niche site in these reports, and it will probably be replaced in a year or so by another similar website. This type of websites, focusing on a single product that’s not necessarily evergreen, doesn’t have a long life, but it can bring in some nice profits during its lifetime.

This month, I have published 9 new articles, but it was well worth it as NS1 performed over expectations and did great in terms of traffic and revenue. Traffic was great at a bit over 31k uniques, and I must admit that I love the bounce rate on this blog:

The spike on the 31st is probably related to an article I posted that had a connection with Haloween. I wasn’t expecting it to get such buzz (without any promotion), so I was extremely happy with the results.

In terms of revenue, NS1 generated $140.03. Hopefully, things will remain the same!

Niche Site #2

02 october 2014 income report

This is my general parenting blog and I am strongly considering dumping this one as well. The fact is that I don’t have the time to invest in creating quality content and build backlinks, so the growth is really slow. I have only purchased a Hoth package for the site, but the results weren’t great, not because the service itself is not good (I had great success with it), but because I am targeting keywords that are too competitive and generic.

Traffic has seen a bit of a decline compared to last month, with just 82 uniques (30 less than last month). No income has been generated and the two articles I have published in October might just be the last ones to publish here before calling this site a failure.

Niche Site #3

03 october 2014 income report

My super affiliate blog in the making, I am still working on it even though progress is extremely slow – but that’s to be expected with a new site and no link building, right?

I have been pretty productive in October, publishing the largest number of articles since the blog’s launch – 5 – and even though I also tried to cash in on some Halloween keywords, it didn’t work. So here’s the traffic:

104 uniques is a pretty good number, even though it’s some 170 uniques less than the previous month. But last month’s “spike” was caused by one article getting a bit of attention on Reddit, while this month’s traffic was all organic. Not the best stats in terms of session duration (since most articles are around 1,000 words), but hopefully things will soon change.

In terms of revenue, things are not as good as last month. Actually, one of the products purchased was returned to Amazon and nothing new was sold, resulting in a surprising (for me) -$2.52 this month. I was really expecting a rise in affiliate income, but you can never know for sure in the world of blogging.

Niche Site #4

04 october 2014 income report

My expat blog has been working as expected and unfortunately no noticeable growth is incoming. I have managed to publish 5 articles in October and I expect them to keep on bringing traffic, like many of the articles on the website, so there’s a lot of room to grow from now on. Hopefully.

In terms of traffic, things are almost identical with the September numbers and I don’t expect a massive increase in the future, but I hope it will be slow and steady:

In terms of income, the blog generated just $8.96, almost 50% less than last month.

Niche Site #5

05 october 2014 income report

This blog surprisingly came back from the dead last month and made me want to work on it a bit more. It’s in the entertainment niche, so there’s not a lot of money to be made, but I enjoy writing the silly articles there on celebrities and whatnot, so it’s not that much of a problem. In October I wrote an impressive 22 new articles, and hopefully I will be able to work even more on this site in the future: in this niche, the more you write, the better – as the content is unfortunately not evergreen.

Traffic wise, this was the best month the blog has had so far, and that’s the reason that encourages me to keep working on it, even though the eCPM is extremely low in the niche. However, with 58,000 uniques (about 52% more than last month), things are really nice in terms of revenue and the sheer number might compensate for the low eCPM:

In terms of revenue, the website generated $175.30 – unimpressive if you compare it with the traffic numbers, but a sum I will gladly accept. It’s also $110 more than last month, so I can only hope that it goes up from here on!

So for October 2014, here are my complete stats for the niche sites:

TOTAL EXPENSES: $5.99 (shared hosting)

Plans & Predictions for November

I expect the eCPMs to rise globally since Christmas is closer and people are already starting to buy gifts and get into the holiday spirit. I plan to work hard in November and create as much content as I physically can and this will hopefully result in better stats throughout my websites.

I plan to work smarter, though and only focus on the properties that are making some money or I still consider to have great potential (I am looking at you, NS3!) because it makes little sense to focus on lost causes (I am looking at you, NS2!). I also had a great deal of plans for new projects, but I will put them all on hold. I feel like I’m spreading too thin, too fast and there’s no point in doing so today, when it’s getting more and more difficult to rank your blog and make a living out of it!


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