Every month, I am sharing with you my progress with building my Niche Empire: I plan to maintain a maximum of five niche websites and get as much profit as possible from them. Unlike other bloggers out there, my website building strategy is extremely white hat and I rarely (if ever) buy links or pay for link building services. Probably that’s why my progress is so slow, but that’s another story!

But let’s get back to today’s topic and let’s check out below my November 2014 income report!

What happened in November

This was my month of procrastination: I am finally getting extremely tired from all the work I am doing – both online and the build-up of tiredness that gathered from us buying and renovating our first apartment earlier this year, plus the fact that a 16 months old boy can keep you up at night quite often. Either way, I didn’t focus on my Niche Empire as much as I would’ve liked to, but fortunately there was some general inertia from last month and I didn’t really have to work the extra hours.

I am also considering to pull the plug on NS#2, my general parenting blog which I simply can’t manage anymore: I don’t have the time or the interest to keep on writing content, promote it and make it work. It’s sad to see your projects fail, but it’s even worse if you keep hanging to a thread of hope when there are clearly other better options out there.

These being said, let’s see how things went for my Niche Empire in November 2014!

Niche Site #1

niche site empire traffic 01

My insta-success blog is continuing to amaze me. I considered that this will be a type of blog that will bring me some pocket change for a couple of months before completely disappearing off the radars, but it’s still going very strong. November actually saw an increase in visitors (44k compared to almost 32k last month) and I can only hope that it will go on and on for as long as possible.

I know that this is not a good project for the future – it’s based on a niche that will sooner rather than later disappear, but it has already lasted more than I had anticipated, and I am happy to get the money. Which is nothing to be ashamed of: $263.75 in a combination of AdSense and Infolinks. Although this might not seem very much on the levels of traffic we got, have in mind that this is an entertainment niche we’re talking about and that’s a low paying niche. Still, I am extremely happy with the income and results!

Niche Site #2

niche site empire traffic 02

This is my general parenting blog. This is the last month that I am giving it the honor to be featured here in my Niche Empire, as it isn’t growing as I would like it to. It is growing, even though I have not touched it in November, but the truth is that I don’t have the time to promote it and work on building content for it, so there’s no point in prolonging its suffering. Zero profit, little traffic, it’s time to move on (or, actually, focus on the existing projects)

Niche Site #3

niche site empire traffic 03

My super affiliate blog in the making is starting to grow as I want it to grow, even though it was one of the blogs that I completely ignored in November. It builds up traffic steadily and the end of the month is extremely encouraging, actually, so I plan to publish at least a couple of new articles in December. I have to give it the attention it deserves!

In terms of income, it has generated nothing this month, but there was an item ordered from Amazon which will hopefully ship next month for a nice profit!

Niche Site #4

niche site empire traffic 04

A big, but unfortunately unpleasant surprise with my expat info blog. Traffic is down to almost 1,300 users compared to last month’s 1,500 uniques, despite me publishing a few high quality articles – 4 of them, too. I thought that with winter coming, people would start about changing countries a bit more, but it seems that I was wrong. Hopefully things will pick up on this because I have high hopes from this personal project of mine.

Fortunately, despite the loss of traffic, income has been slightly better than last month at $8.82. Not much to be happy about here, but hopefully things will soon start to change.

Niche Site #5

niche site empire traffic 05

One of the reasons of the procrastination I was mentioning in the beginning was the good performance from my viral website which brought in a whooping 133k uniques to the servers without me publishing a single article. It’s just old stuff getting the viral love once again, but this is not something that will last for long so I really have to write more and focus more on this website which turned into my #1 priority after a few months ago was close to the trash bin.

The only problem with viral content is that you have little control over it: even if the article’s quality is amazing, if you don’t have the required luck of a few important shares by important people, it will never pick up. So it’s a huge gamble and the risks are great: next month, with the same content, the same viral website could be down to just 50% visitors. But I’ll keep on working on it.

Back to the positives, NS5 was one of the best performing websites that I own, generating a total of $316.32 (one dollar more than the total earnings of my Niche Empire last month). I love it!

So for November 2014, here are my complete stats for the niche sites:

TOTAL EXPENSES: $5.99 (shared hosting) + $28 (some articles)

Plans & Predictions for December

I am happy that, despite not working as much as I wanted to, I worked smart and killed my urge to start new projects. Trying to juggle with more that you can handle is not a good idea, and I’ve personally experienced this in the past. The increase in revenue proves that being smart pays off. I was lucky too, but hey, I still deserve some credit!

Regarding December, it will certainly be a slower month with all the holidays and time off, but I plan on doing what I did in November and work smart on the projects that I have already started and completely optimize the time spent working. I am often spending way too much time on non money making stuff – like writing this article, ha! – and I look on reducing that to a maximum.

What about you? How was your November in terms of income?


  1. “I worked smart and killed my urge to start new projects” <– this is key, and something that I struggle with so often. In fact, I think I'm about to start another new project (stop me!). Congrats on another solid month!

    • Thanks! It’s something that I have failed at miserably in the past too, but right now I have so many things in my head that I realize that I would completely insane to start a new project. But I am sure I won’t be able to stop for too long :))


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