In early June I launched the Niche “Empire” (the quotes are there because there’s a looong way until I can really call my niche sites part of an empire) case study and today is day for my first ever income report. I am sure you are curious to see how my new sites did this month and how much money was generated by 5 sites in very different niches, with different approaches from content creation to marketing.

Please note: This income report is only for these 5 niche websites and does not represent my entire online revenue.

What happened in June

June was an extremely busy month for me, as I bought my first apartment, which is a fixer-upper that required a lot of my time (and still does). My main sites received most of my time and energy, so these five new blogs didn’t get much attention. So here are the traffic numbers and data:

Niche site #1

Almost 700 users visited the site, which is 200 more than what it generated in its first 2 months of existence. I have only build 1 link for this blog and no content. Actually, there is no extra content that I can produce for this blog which also has a very limited income potential. The idea behind this blog is great, but I need something way more popular to write about.

niche site 01 traffic

Income wise, I am only using AdSense here, which generated an incredible 1.47 EUR (however, the AdSense banners were introduced after June 15th):

01 niche site income1

All in all, a site that is performing under expectations. It has very limited revenue potential, so it’s not one I will work on.

Niche site #2

My general parenting blog was largely ignored in June. I have only published 1 article and started doing some link building, via SocialADR only: 100 bookmarks for the main page and 100 bookmarks for one of the articles. There was some improvement this month, but nothing spectacular. Still, I am pleased with the results:

niche site 02 traffic

The “spikes” represent the two SocialADR campaigns, most likely coming from people submitting my articles.

In terms of revenue, there is nothing to report as I am not monetizing this blog yet. I plan to add some AdSense if the traffic picks up and some Amazon affiliate links as well. The plan for this month, actually, is to add some Amazon review articles – at least three pieces of content – and continue trying the SocialADR promotion. I won’t do any kind of other link building, to see how this works out.

Niche site #3

This is my Amazon affiliate super star (in the making). I am personally writing high quality articles here, all 1000+ words and extremely useful. Content is king, they say, and it’s already ranking for some of my keywords, but where it can’t be seen. There are two reasons for that: no links have been built yet and there are just 4 published articles. Here’s June’s traffic:

niche site 03 traffic

There’s nothing impressive here, and I don’t have big plans for July: I plan to produce 2 more high quality articles and create a list of blogs for commenting and possible guest post opportunities in the future. I can’t approach any right now as a blog with just a few articles doesn’t offer too much credibility. And no, in case you were wondering, the blog generated zero income (we’re using Amazon links only)

Niche site #4

My expat info blog that I started as a personal finance blog and changed it to a new niche last month as most of the traffic was coming to my expat article anyway. Traffic has been steady, increasing just by a bit compared to the previous month:

niche site 04 traffic

I am only monetizing the website using AdSense, and these are the numbers for June:

02 niche site income4

I am not happy with the numbers and I am planning to increase them by going more aggressive in terms of ad placement, testing out new ad positions and colors. I am also planning on writing an eBook to sell on the website to those interested in all the details and I am also trying to find some affiliate deals that I could promote.

Niche site #5

My viral traffic blog had the worst performance in the last three months as the “viral” element didn’t manage to make an impact. We still got 19,000 visitors to the site, which looks good:

niche site 05 traffic

This website generated the most income, listed below:

02 niche site income5
AdSense: 42.84 EUR
Kontera: $10.36
CPM banners: $20.18
Amazon: $2.05

I am outsourcing all content for the website, and the articles have costed me $36, leaving me with a profit of $55.10. Not too bad for ZERO work!

So, after doing the math, here is how much I made in June 2014 from my 5 new niche sites:

TOTAL: $62.38

Not very impressive if you are to look at other income reports online, but have in mind that these numbers are for some very new websites that are just starting to get ranked.

Plans & Predictions for July

July will be another extremely busy month for me with even less time to spend on my niche sites (or work at all): the renovations of the apartment will surely bring up something unexpected that will destroy my schedule, and I also have a 10 days vacation planned for the middle of the month, when I want to be technology free (meaning that I will only answer e-mails, because they have to be answered).

I am also starting to build my own Private Blog Network – I talked about this last month and I have already purchased my first two domains which are not that great, but are decent. However, I still haven’t managed to set them up and I hope that I will be able to do so in July. And maybe add 2 more.

For the five niche sites, I don’t have many plans. It’s pretty obvious that all the websites are in a huge need of some link juice and I must focus on building some links first, because great content that is seen by nobody is useless content. I will take the websites one at a time, though, and build a few backlinks.

I am also going to write down all the costs starting July so future income reports will show you profits (before tax) instead of “partial profits”.

How was June for you in terms of income generated by your online properties? Was it a good month or not?


    • I have a lot of networks that I use on my blogs, but the ones in this income report are Media Nexus and The first one has some amazing rates!

  1. I started down this road maybe a year or so ago, but I found myself too busy to keep up with things. I still hope to get back to it once the little guy starts preschool. I just have so much going on right now. Once they’re up and running, I think they can grow slowly without too much input but for now they are somewhat on the back burner. I might ping you for some advice once I get a little more time again.

    • Yes, time is unfortunately extremely important when talking about building at least a blog. Gone are the days of the “4 hour workweek” unfortunately…

    • Yeah, probably a bit too much for me to properly handle, but that’s how I do things :)) Social ADR is still a work in progress experiment for me, but it seems to be working pretty OK.


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