Welcome back for a new episode of my income reports generated by brand new niche sites that will hopefully soon become a real niche empire and I’ll have to lose the quotation marks. Today we’re checking out the July 2014 income report of five niche sites that I have launched recently, all with different approaches to link building, content creation and marketing strategies because I ultimately want to prove that no matter what approach you choose, you will ultimately get there: make a ton of money blogging!

If you are curious about how things went last month, make sure to check out the June 2014 income report and the introductory article.

What happened in July

As expected, July was an extremely busy month on the personal side of my life and I had almost no time to work on the niche sites. I was on a well deserved 10 day vacation on a nice beach (and our hotel caught fire, but nothing serious, fortunately – but it still wasn’t nice!) and renovation work on our newly bought apartment has eaten up most of my time. But things are starting to slowly settle down and in August I will start working once more on these niche sites and hopefully see some really nice improvements.

Niche Site #1

This is my “build it and leave” it niche website. It has 13 articles and I don’t plan on writing any more as it is a very low traffic niche and right now there are no additional keywords that I can target. I am also not planning on doing any extra link building – let’s see how much it lasts!

niche empire 01

Traffic is increasing slowly but surely, this month bringing me 1,057 visitors (361 more than last month) and a bit over 4,000 page views (some 1,200 more). That’s a nice improvement and I hope it continues to go up!

niche empire 02

AdSense is the only monetization method, and it’s not working very well. The CTR is really low, just as the CPC. It’s not AdSense’s fault, though, it’s just a niche that is not that popular. Affiliate marketing? Impossible for this niche. So we’ll have to go with the 3.56 EUR / $4.76 per month. Well… at least it pays for my monthly hosting bills on a shared server!

Niche Site #2

This is my general parenting blog that I never have enough time for. I have only used SocialADR to build links to this website and absolutely nothing else, and I am relatively pleased with the results. I have slowly drip fed 100 social shares in June and built NONE in July, but traffic actually increased a bit and remained steady. I am going to try it one more time in August with 100 Social Shares and see if there is any noticeable effect before moving on:

niche empire 03

Visitor numbers have almost doubled compared to last month even though, just like with most of my other niche sites, I haven’t had the chance to work too much on it. I did add two new articles, though, and plan to add at least two per month to keep the high quality content going and hopefully increase the traffic. Right now, I am not using any monetization methods (I do have some Amazon articles, but they’re not getting traffic yet).

Niche Site #3

My Super Affiliate Star in the making website has been greatly ignored in July. I have published ZERO articles and did ZERO link building. This blog is crawling right now but funnily enough, shows some growth on its own. The articles are of really high quality, all over 1,000 words long, so that matters a little bit for almighty Google, even though there are just 5 articles published.

Here is how the traffic looks like, twice as many people having visited compared to June (but traffic is so low that it doesn’t really matter):

niche empire 04

The duration of the visits is extremely low (just 12 seconds), which is not really good since we’re talking about 1,000+ word articles, but I am not getting too worried right now because the traffic is really low and not targeted. It could also mean that people are quickly clicking the links to head over to Amazon, but since there was just 1 click, that’s not the case either.

I am using Amazon as the only monetization method, but so far, no sales have been generated. One click went to Amazon, though, so we’re slowly starting to move here. The site clearly needs a push in terms of links and some new content. I plan to add at least 1 article per month here while I focus on the link building.

Niche Site #4

This is an expat blog in a highly untapped niche, but for a country that’s not a popular choice for expats. Still, there are people going there and the blog is slowly growing, getting about 200 more uniques compared to the previous month:

niche empire 05

I have only published 1 article in July and more are needed. I have a list of over 100 titles, I just need to find the time for them. However, things have greatly improved in terms of AdSense revenue (the only monetization used right now): last month I decided to go for a more aggressive ad placement, and it totally paid off: the blog earned 4 times more compared to last month, even though page views remained about the same:

niche empire 06

It might have been a freak luck, as one of the clicks received was of very high value (about a fourth of the earnings), but I am still pleased with the site’s profits: 17.17 EUR or $23.

Niche Site #5

This is my viral traffic blog in the making, but you can’t have such a blog if you don’t have articles to go viral. It’s going down and I really don’t have the time or resources to properly take care of it and write content and share it to hopefully have it go viral. That’s why traffic is going down and the future of the website doesn’t look bright at all:

niche empire 07

We got three times less people visiting the site – proving that going with stuff that is not evergreen might not be the best strategy, especially if you don’t have the time to inject fresh content regularly. I am really planning to rethink this website and see if it’s really worth working on, as it would require a ton of time and me doing something I don’t particularly like to keep it running.

In terms of income, we’ve seen a drop that’s a lot worse than the drop in traffic:

AdSense: €11.69 / $15.60 (four times lower than previous month)
Kontera: $1.56 (90% less than last month)
CPM Network: $10.11 (50% less than last month)
Amazon: $1.42

A total of $28.69. That’s not extremely bad for zero work, but I was used to getting a lot more. If course, I was also working more. However, I believe that the other websites have a better potential, so I might have to completely forget about this one.

TOTAL EARNINGS in July 2014: 56.45
TOTAL EXPENSES in July 2014: $5.99 (shared hosting)
TOTAL PROFIT: $50.46 (-$11.92 compared to last month)

Please note: This income report is only for these 5 niche websites and does not represent my entire online revenue.

Plans & Predictions for August

Things are starting to get back to normal in August and even though I am still not going to be 100% here for the niche sites, I will surely work on them a lot more than what I did in July. I plan to do some more link building for a few websites and I am really considering to invest in a Hoth package since I heard nothing but positive things about it. I will start with the cheapest package and see if it changes anything.

Apart from that, I plan to add some much needed extra content, especially to my Amazon affiliate blog. In terms of income, I believe that there won’t be a noticeable increase: from the websites listed here, my viral traffic one was the main source of income and since it’s dying a slow death, things won’t look too good. But I really need the others to pick up soon, which they will hopefully do.

What about you? How was your July?


    • Indeed, as long as it’s not too slow 🙂 The 10k/month webiste was sold a couple of months later for a nice sum. It required a lot of attention and work and I considered that the best thing to do is to sell it.

  1. Dude why don’t you go doing affiliate marketing? Adsense has proven to be the worst way to make money unless you own YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscriber. I don’t like to be that guy who criticize but aren’t you going to a wrong direction here?

    • I am starting and trying my hand at affiliate marketing, but not getting the results I’d like to. There’s a learning curve everywhere and hopefully I’ll manage to do it all really soon. AdSense is still a good performer and some niches (those that I usually target, ha!) are not suitable for affiliate earnings, but I tend to agree more and more with the fact that the real money is there!


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