Welcome to a new episode in my Niche “Empire” income reports series where I share with you my experience and, of course, income reports of 5 new niche websites that I have launched. I am using a different link building and content approach for each website just to test out various strategies out there. And yes, I’m having way less time than I’d like to for these sites.

If you are curious to see how things looked like in July, check out the previous income report here. If not – or if you have already done that – let’s move on and see what happened in August. So…

What happened in August

Things started to slowly get back to normal in August and we’re almost done with the renovation of our new apartment, hoping to move in there in September. It was also a month where two other projects of mine picked up some pace, which again resulted in me ignoring the niche sites in this case study, but I guess you already know that these are not the most worked on websites on the internet. I really believe that September will see a major growth thanks to some changes I have made, link building and content plans. So let’s check out each site in my upcoming niche Empire!

Niche Site #1

This is my “build it and leave” it niche website. It has 13 articles and I don’t plan on writing any more as it is a very low traffic niche and right now there are no additional keywords that I can target. I have built it in a similar way to my insta-success formula but it’s a really low paying niche. Traffic remains steady, with values almost identical to what we had last month:

01 niche site analytics

There is a downward trend that’s apparent for the final 5 days of the month, probably proving that the topic that made this website popular(ish) is finally being forgotten. Until it completely goes away, it still generates some pocket money completely passively. However, things are not looking good:

02 niche site adsense

The amount is almost 50% less compared to last month, but we’re talking about so low numbers that a single click might change the balance completely. Still, despite me trying to play a bit with the Ad Placement, the CTR did not increase, nor the eCPM. This is how a niche site that’s ready to die looks like. But I am keeping it here in this report until I find a replacement.

Niche Site #2

This is my general parenting blog that I never have enough time for – yet. Until August, I have only used SocialADR to build links to the website and for the price paid, I must admit that I am satisfied. However, I have decided to change things a little bit this month and got a Hoth Package, after reading a lot of positive reviews. I went for the cheapest – Hoth Mini package and I am waiting to see the results. The job was completed on August 22nd and it usually takes a few weeks before changes can be seen. However, since this is a general parenting blog and not a micro niche website, it might be a bit more difficult to start ranking. But it’s extra links that we got so hopefully that will help in September.

Until then, here’s the unimpressive traffic:

03 niche site analytics

Numbers are again pretty similar to those of last month, with a small decrease. I have only managed to publish one new article in August although I had planned to add much more. I am considering outsourcing some articles to give this site a content boost and hopefully get to around 500 visitors per month. However, since I am not sure I will have the required time for this, I am still debating.

This blog generated no income. I have, so far, just one article with Amazon affiliate links, but we had no movement.

Niche Site #3

My Super Affiliate Star in the making website. I had done absolutely no link building so far for this niche site and only published very high quality content. It is growing on its own but it’s all too slow so I will have to start doing some link building this month: it shows that, despite what Google says, great content means nothing unless you have some links. So I plan to add just a few and see if things change a little bit.

Here’s how traffic improved compared to last month:

04 niche site analytics

Traffic has tripled compared to the previous month, but we’re talking about extremely low numbers so nothing to get too excited about. I am, however, pretty happy to see that people are starting to read the content: the Average session duration this month was 1:31 minutes, compared to a lousy 12 seconds last month.

In terms of income, we’re still at Zero, but even with this little traffic, Amazon reports 3 affiliate link clicks, so we’re starting to move here. If all goes well, I will report the first sale next month.

Niche Site #4

This is an expat blog in for a country that’s not a popular choice for expats – but which also means low competition. I have worked the most on this blog in the past month, adding 4 new articles and changing the theme, hoping that I will increase the Ad revenue. The traffic decreased a little bit compared to last month and I don’t really know why – I was actually hoping it will go up:

05 niche site analytics

Despite the number of uniques goes down this month, the Pageviews is a bit higher, which is good news. I am planning to write an eBook as a complete guide for an expat, but I am planning this for a few months now and haven’t written a word yet. I am sure, though, that it would up the revenue quite a bit! Until then, I’m sticking with AdSense:

06 niche site adsense

Again a drop compared to last month, but I am not too worried as last month I got one very high value ad click, which I didn’t this month. I really have to keep on writing and focusing on delivering the quality content for the expats and hopefully the website will grow a bit in the coming months.

Niche Site #5

This is my viral traffic blog that lost its main author and never managed to pick up pace and is slowly but surely heading to the grave too. In order to write viral entertainment content, you have to bee extremely active and ready to pour content as soon as it goes viral, which I cannot do. As a result, the traffic can’t go up:

07 niche site analytics

Despite the traffic “spike” caused by an older article getting a bit of popularity, the number of views is lower than last month and unless some magic happens, I expect it to remain the same.

Income-wise, things have been slightly better compared to last month, but nothing to write home about:

AdSense: €12.12 / $15.91
Kontera: $2.66
CPM Network: $10.48
Amazon: $0.29

A total of $29.34 completely passive income, but compared to how the site was performing just a few months ago, things are not looking very bright. However, it is money that comes without me doing anything to the website, so I will take that!

So for August 2014, here are my stats:

TOTAL EARNINGS in August 2014: 44.93
TOTAL EXPENSES in August 2014: $5.99 (shared hosting) + $60 (The Hoth Mini Package)
TOTAL PROFIT: -$21.06 (-$71.52 compared to last month)

Please note: This income report is only for these 5 niche websites and does not represent my entire online revenue.

Plans & Predictions for September

I believe that September will allow me to focus a lot more of my attention on these niche sites and build up content especially and a few links too. I also hope that the Hoth package that I bought for NS2 will bring me some extra traffic, just enough to make the placement of ads worthwhile.

I really can’t anticipate the income side of things. Probably there won’t be a huge change in earnings, but I have the feeling that this new month will be better than August. I really hope that my Amazon affiliate website will start making a few sales, and that could put a few nice bucks in my pockets. Also, it’s towards the end of the year when my highly ignored viral traffic website gets some return traffic, and we might benefit a bit from that before it draws its terminal breath.

I wish you all a great September!


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