When it comes to the cryptocurrency world, there are all sorts of innovative and truly unique technologies and, automatically, tokens out there. YOVI is one of these tokens that guarantees profits to all investors. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this is the cryptos world, so nothing is too good to be true!

So, how does this innovative coin work? Why are you guaranteed to make a profit when prices fluctuate?

Well, they don’t fluctuate in the case of YOVI. This token has been built on the “Rise Only Market” concept (ROM), meaning exactly what it says: the price can only raise.

You can only trade YOVI on exchange platform Yobit.net, which is the creator of the token. They have implemented special rules, one of them being that you are not allowed to bid lower than the current price. Actually, you can only bit more, and there are rules on increasing the value as well.

It’s a really good concept and, judging from the history tab of the Yovi token, it does work. Check it out below to see for yourself:

YOVI’s price on August 22nd was 0.01603600
It grew to 0.01727200 one month later

As you can see, there’s a 10% growth over one month, which is really good. Sure, you can get a lot more from other coins, but there’s no certainty with them: their price can double or triple, but at the same time it can sink like the Titanic after meeting the iceberg. With Yovi, it will only go up!

Of course, in such cases, the growth is slow and not as impressive. Most likely, the coin will hit a cap – when the price will be too high so that new buyers won’t really want to invest their money in it. But it’s still a long way until there and Yobit has come with some interesting rules for their coin to prevent all sorts of wrong doings.

For example, there are a few rules in place when trading YOVI on the Yobit platform:

  1. The price can only go up
  2. The maximum total amount for each price cap is 0.01 BTC
  3. Each user can have a maximum of 3 sell orders open at the same time

In other words, this means that fast growth is guaranteed: you won’t have a whale sell 200 BTC worth of YOVI at a price, keeping it stuck at that value for ages. No, the platform will only accept total YOVI values of maximum 0.01 per sell order. If that amount is reached, you can open a new order for 0.000001 BTC more, but again you can only sell YOVI worth a maximum of 0.01 BTC.

This is a really nice thing for the regular user, but also means that you can’t bag in a ton of profits. And surely you won’t do that very fast.

Let’s see how this actually works by using my case as an example

So, I decided to buy 0.014 worth of YOVI – you are allowed to own more than 0.01 YOVI at a time, but you can’t sell more:

Then, I checked the sell orders on the platform and already placed mine:

As you can see, I found the option to sell part of my YOVI for a sum, then the rest for another. In the end, I will sell all my YOVI for an average of 0.02058800, which means that I will make a profit of around 20%.

It’s important to note that new sell orders will be placed pretty often, so it wouldn’t hurt to place yours as soon as you buy the YOVI. The higher the profit you’re looking for, the more you will have to wait for it and I would recommend against getting greedy.

As I said, I believe that the token will eventually hit a wall, even though it’s still far away from reaching it. Growth has been constant since the token’s launch and has picked up a bit recently, but there’s still a long way to go.

However, I wouldn’t risk anything more than 50% in terms of profit. Especially since the amounts in BTC are relatively small because of the trading limitation for each price range.

How long will it take for my 20% profit to be cashed in?

Well, that’s difficult to say. If the growth of the token goes at the same rate, then I will get my profits in 2 months from now.

However, if the popularity of the token increases and the trading volume increases with it (currently it’s a small 0.5 or 0.6 BTC volume per day), then I will get there faster, and so will the others who have invested in the coin.

More buy orders means that the existing sell orders will be filled in faster so profits will be collected faster. It will happen before the coin hits the wall I was talking about. But at its current pace, I don’t think that should happen for at least 2 years.

Either way, I consider this a coin worth looking at and maybe investing in. There are few coins that guarantee profits, but YOVI is one of them. A fun addition to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies!


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