Welcome to my blogging income report for the month September 2015, here at Thrifty Self Employed! Today I will be sharing with you – for the first time since this blog has started – the TOTAL income that I have generated with my blogs during the month September 2015. I do this with two reasons in mind: first, to allow myself to have an overview on how my business is (hopefully) growing, and second – to show you that it’s possible to earn steady income from your blogs and hopefully inspire you to get to the next level. I am not one of the “big guys” in terms of income generated from my blogs, but I hope to be there some day. Until then, the money I make with my blogs allows me to live a decent life anyway!

How did September go?

Since I am mainly monetizing my blogs through AdSense, I am pleased to see signs of the upcoming holiday craze as the CPM rates have gone slightly higher. Nothing to write home about, but it’s a trend that I love seeing, especially because September wasn’t one of the best months I’ve had this year: at the August we went on a 7 days holiday and soak the sun, then some health problems followed (I had some ugly allergic reactions to mosquito bites) and I probably went on a 10 days spree of not working. This was felt in both traffic and earnings, which were lower than usual. Here is how my income looks like:

AdSense: 1,345.20 Euros (~1,500 USD)
Affiliate Sales: $122,87 (ouch!)
CPM Networks: $419.47
Private Advertising: $370
YouTube: $10.77
TOTAL: $2,423.11

Please note that this is the gross income, BEFORE expenses. My average monthly expenses are about $300. I also pay tax on this income, so the profits are actually lower. I don’t have the exact numbers yet, so we’ll focus on the income part for now.

One of my plans this year was to switch my focus and increase my Affiliate Earnings and I am still having a pretty tough time achieving this goal. This is not the type of blogging I am used to do – I am more of a content generating type of blogger – but I understood that the real money are in the Affiliate schemes and the earnings potential is huge here. Also, I have the impression that classic advertising is generating less and less in terms of CPM rates every year, so I need to find some alternatives. It’s not going well so far, and this month’s $122 generated by affiliate sales is the living proof. But hopefully things will change – I must do my best to change them!

As you can see, I am also giving it a go a vlogging and earning from YouTube, but that’s extremely time consuming (editing videos, shooting them and uploading them) and I don’t think I will ever make some real money from it. In September I have uploaded two videos that generated under 10 views total (bummer!) so I can say that the income is pretty much passive. But that’s not a lot so probably YouTube is not for me right now!

Plans for October

The biggest problem that I have – and it’s a problem that I have since I started blogging – is the lack of time. I find it difficult to focus on a project at a time and, the worst part – I don’t have any real passive income projects. This means that in order to keep my blogs running and making money, I have to constantly publish articles and work on them. At the moment, I have 7 blogs that I try to run at the same time and produce content for, which is extremely time consuming. I have probably a dozen of projects that I don’t have the time for, good ideas that probably have to be ignored just because, well, as I said, I don’t have time for them.

In October I plan to continue focusing on the websites that are already making money and keep them delivering – and not start any new project. I usually start a new project every couple of month just to realize what I knew already: I don’t have time for them! I plan to honestly look at the projects I am running and decide if I should dump any of them to make place for new and promising ones on the table. I would like to dedicate 3 months to each project, see how it goes and then decide if I should keep on doing it or not.

I am also considering more and more the idea of hiring somebody to write some articles for me. I am, however, afraid that they will not produce the results I am expecting – and I am somewhat reluctant to doing it. Money is pretty tight at the moment, and I don’t think I could find anything decent for less than $300 per month and that’s a big expense for me. But I seriously have to give this a thought and give it a test run for a month or two – but maybe in January, because now I have no time for training and probably rates will be higher than usual with all the Christmas craze right around the door.

So that would be it for now! Make sure you subscribe to receive our articles via e-mail (the form in the right sidebar): pretty soon, my income reports will be delivered exclusively to subscribers (and more detailed), so if you’re really looking forward to reading my adventures in the blogging world, subscribe!



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