Oh my GOD! When did October just pass by? Really, this seemed like the quickest month of the year to put behind and I have more work than ever – piles of articles and websites not being updated in time. Does everybody have just 24 hours every day or is it just me who gets the short stick in terms of hours?

But jokes aside – welcome to my blogging income report for October 2015! It was a good month – not as good as I would’ve expected, but with myself still being so chaotic in developing my websites and not being able to stick to my plan (which is focus on affiliate marketing more), I should not complain. So let’s get this started, because I’m sure you’re curious to find out how my October 2015 went.

October 2015 Blogging income

One of the biggest wins this month was the fact that I managed to sit back and focus on my existing projects instead of starting new blogs that die because I don’t have enough time of them (not completely good news, because I started not one but TWO projects during the first couple of days in November – but that’s a story for our next month). I managed to finally get a bit more organized and came up with a weekly writing plan which helped a lot so I managed to produced some even amounts of content for the blogs I wanted to focus on.

In terms of revenue, things are slightly better on the affiliate income side (hopefully they will get better with the holidays), but I still wasn’t able to focus as much as I wanted on this. But I’m sure you want to see numbers, not words, so here are my earnings from blogging in October 2015:

AdSense: 1,527.51 Euros (~$1,674)
Affiliate Income: $291.75
CPM Networks: $882.82
Private Advertising: $210
YouTube: $11.24
TOTAL: $3069.81

I am actually happy with this month’s earnings, since we’re talking almost $650 more than what I made in the previous month. You’ve got to love the holiday season for the increased earnings! However, there are some things I’d like to point out: a huge increase came from one of my CPM Networks: they probably managed to score a big deal with a major player and hopefully it will last. I was usually doing with them around $70 per month and in October the amount jumped to a bit over $500. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it – my traffic was the same. As I said, hopefully it will last at least until the end of December.

I am still earning from YouTube (more than the previous month, actually) even though I haven’t published a single video there for a few months now. There is a lot of potential with YouTube, but you need time. And that’s something I really lack lately.

But overall, I won’t lie: I am extremely happy with the numbers!

Plans for November

I want to continue being organized – it helps a lot and even though unexpected things usually pop up, I still do a lot better when I have a set schedule and I at least try to follow it. Even though I was initially hoping to focus on my existing projects at least until January, I have already launched two new websites in early November. But that’s it – no more for me for a while! But I saw an opportunity for an insta-success website and even though there’s already some fierce competition in the niche, I decided to take a chance here. I also found what I think is a great Amazon affiliate niche and had to get the domain. I still haven’t written any content as I need heaps of articles for my insta-success website, but hopefully it will pay off.

It is always risky business to start a new project at the end of the year – when you should be instead focusing on increasing traffic and revenue with the Holiday Craze and all the shopping and spending, but sometimes you have to take some chances too. Hopefully I was right this time and hopefully I’ll manage to get some nice revenue (and passive income, as I anticipate) in the long run. God, if I’d be able to make $3,000 per month on average, I’d be insanely happy!

I am also trying to get my wife into blogging as well: she’s a stay at home mom at the moment, but the little one is growing a bit (he’s 2 years and 2 months now) so my wife has some tiny amounts of free time that we’re hoping to turn into money. The problem is that English is not her native language (mine either), but her English skills are relatively low, so things are going slowly in that area. She managed to earn almost $5 in October from her blogging business, so we at least started something here. It’s going to be difficult, especially because I don’t really have time to mentor her, but I’d love to turn her into a blogger. The blogging couple – that should be our superhero name. Ha!

So… how was your October? Did you manage to get some extra money based on the Holiday craze or it hasn’t started for you yet?


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