This month’s blogging income report comes a bit later than usual and that’s because I had a small vacation planned at the beginning of the month and I decided to enjoy it completely and left my laptop at home. We do need some recharging every now and then and these seven days were more than welcome.

But we’re not here to talk about vacations, we’re here to talk numbers: let’s see how much money I made with my blogs last month! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Thrifty Self Employed’s November 2015 blogging income report! (And, hey – don’t forget to check out my October report to see how things went then!)

November 2015 income report

Things are looking great! You can see that the holidays are coming because CPM rates are higher and people seem to be willing to buy a lot more than usually. Even though my traffic stats (I’ll start sharing them with you starting this month) have been a bit lower than usual, the money has been better, making November the second best month of the year in terms of income (some $500 away from my best month when I had some content going viral and pouring in the cash).

The biggest problem in November was my new website. It’s a gaming website based on a recently launched video game – a place where I shared guides and all sorts of information, but it didn’t do well at all. The traffic was pretty nice, but the income wasn’t. Most video game fans are using ad blocking plugins and are mostly ad-blind, resulting in some of the lowest click rates I have ever seen (think way under 0.50%!). But I have built ZERO backlinks for the website, proving that my insta-success method IS working:

november 2015 blogging income report 01

However, the website only generated €6.58 (about $7.20). That’s not really nice! I was planning to add some affiliate articles targeting video gamers, and I still might… if I have the time. I am, however, pretty much discouraged by the revenue generated by such a big amount of traffic, so I might just consider it a failure and move on.

But all in all, things were good and these are my final results for November 2015:

Advertising Networks: $2,922.85 (9 networks in total)
Affiliate income: $321.24
Private advertising: $80
Youtube: $8.60
TOTAL: $3332.69

Please note: These are not Profits, this is just the income generated. The costs for running this business are not included in the report (about $300 per month), nor my taxes which are about 32% of all my income.

Affiliate income, which is what I want to focus more in the future, has increased a bit, but since it was the month before Christmas, numbers should’ve been higher. Once again I failed to really take advantage of the Christmas shopping madness and it’s been a solid few years of me doing so. I really have to up my affiliate game A LOT!

The ad networks revenue is also a bit higher because I received a $110 payment from an ad network that I recently started to use (and forgot to track it in the previous months). Not a lot, and represents 3 months of revenue actually, but it’s all November income. All other networks had higher CPM rates, showing that Christmas makes everybody spend a bit more.

Thrifty Self Employed Stats

Starting this month, I will also share with you the (slow) progress of this blog and all income generated by it will be published separately. Even though the first article published here is dated 2013, I have greatly ignored this blog until September 2015. Even after starting to work on it again in September, I still didn’t do much in terms of marketing (and I will not do that either – allowing it to grow naturally) so there’s not much to write home about. However, it’s surely interesting to see how this blog will grow, organically, month to month and I plan to switch my reports to this blog only since it makes a lot more sense.

So here are the Analytics stats for November 2015:

november 2015 blogging income report 02

Shy under 300 visits – that’s something to improve upon, but the “actual” numbers are a lot less: just 68 people reached my website organically (there’s an extra one from Bing), which is pretty low. However, it’s expected since I haven’t published a lot on this blog and it’s not ranking too high.

Facebook traffic has been pretty good, but not completely impressive. It’s interesting to see that mobile Facebook users only visited 1.41 pages on my blog and spent 35 seconds, while those coming from desktop users visited a way better 1.98 pages and spent 4:52 minutes on the website. In other words, mobile is killing traditional blogging, unfortunately.

Social stats
Facebook: 124 likes
MailChimp subscribers: 4
Twitter, Pinterest & everything else: No accounts created.

I plan to focus more on beginner blogging problems/questions and advice, as well as more stuff for digital nomads out there, because these are the two things that matter the most to me right now. I won’t ignore traditional self employment, especially now that my wife is starting to actively look into self employment as well and work part time on some sort of business. She’s just starting with blogging right now, but the progress is really slow because, paradoxically, I don’t have enough time to tutor her and she says that I’m way too exigent as a teacher.

Plans for December

In December, I want to enjoy my time with my family and spend as much time as possible with my child. December is usually the busiest month of the year and many generate sales to last them for the year, but I have planned a 7 day vacation in December, before Christmas, so things won’t look that good. I’m learning to take things with a smile and instead of complaining for the missed opportunities this December, I try to enjoy life and prepare for the future. Because being sad solves nothing in this world!

I do have some big plans for 2016, which will be published soon. What about you? How did your November go?


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