how to get more search engine traffic easily

Probably the most valuable visitors your blog can get (if making money is what you want to do) are search engine visitors to your blog. They should be highly targeted, extremely interested in the topic that you’re writing about and very likely to generate revenue by making a purchase you recommend or by viewing an ad. Although no kind of traffic is easy to get in the world of blogging, search engine traffic is the most difficult to get because there are so many factors that contribute to the end result: people visiting your website.

There are a ton of ways that can improve your chances of getting more search engine visitors and some are better than the others. Many involve grey hat (read: potentially not allowed) methods, spending money and/or spending a lot of time. All these are things that most bloggers are not willing to do. Especially if you’re just getting into blogging, you probably don’t want to (and my advice would be not to) spend money on things that might not work, you don’t have all the time in the world to promote your website and you clearly don’t want to have it penalized for doing something illegal. In which case the next question arises:

How to bring more search engine visitors to your blog… easily?

There are some minor things that might make a huge difference and they will all come naturally in the end, even though right now you might not be using all these simple tricks that will bring you more visitors:

1. Choose the right title
Unlike newspapers where vague titles will attract people, blogs need exact and informative titles. Search engines consider the title a summary of what you’re writing about in the article. If I would’ve named this article “gallons of fuel to make your stats increase” you wouldn’t have clicked it if you were looking for ways to get more search engine visitors. “Maybe it’s a mistake” or “clearly it’s not what I am looking for” could’ve been two of the reasons you wouldn’t have clicked the search result even if it was there as a result to your search query. But most likely, it wouldn’t have been there anyway.

So a good title is the first and most important easy thing you can do to get more search engine traffic. Make sure you always choose the best you get!

2. Internal linking
Ideally, you will want external links pointing at your website. But you know what’s easier to get than external links? Internal links! In your articles, make sure you link back to previous articles you have published and you get extra links. It won’t matter as much as external ones, but it will help the search engines understand what your articles are about and eventually add some extra points to your search engine rankings. If you want to become a self employed blogger, this is the way to go! (See what I did here?)

3. Choose the correct tags
I have worked with so many writers and so few of them actually knew how to choose the tags for the article. Even though they no longer weight in the eyes of the search engine robots as much as they did in the past, they still matter. You don’t need a few pages of tags, you don’t need a plethora of unrelated tags, you need the exact keywords that matter for your article. Here is what I should choose for this article: search engine visitors, how to get more search engine visitors, get more search engine visitors, how to get more visitors. Generic terms (blogging, visitors, my name or my dog’s name) bring no value and only confuse the search engines. Keep the tags limited to what matters and nothing more.

4. Comment & be social
It is not 100% sure if this helps at all, but it certainly doesn’t hurt and it’s very easy to do: make sure that you comment on the blogs that you already follow, preferably in the same niche (because you probably read at least a couple, right?) You read those blogs anyway, it makes sense to drop your link there for some extra juice. Just don’t spam, don’t post generic keywords and always use your real name, not a keyword as the title. The same goes for social media: post the links on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinteret and whatever you use. Have your friends share the links and like them. Although many say that this doesn’t matter a lot in terms of search engine rankings, it doesn’t hurt and it’s easy to do!

5. Use keywords in your text
Without overdoing it and by making them look as natural as possible, insert as many keywords related to your topic in the article. Search engines believe that if a certain phrase is repeated, the article is about that thing. So in my article about how to get more search engine visitors easily, I will make sure to repeat that phrase and related ones, and not “I really love my wife”. Even though I do.

6. Keep posting
Keeping your blog fresh and active is what the search engines love to see and what you should do. Build a posting schedule, stick to it and teach the search robots that you are here to stay, to write useful things and they will, in turn, bring more people to your pages. As your blog grows old and… just grows, it will also start to rank better and do better in the search engines.

7. Special text formatting
Special text formatting (bold, italic, underline and H2 or H3 title tags) should be used for more that aesthetic purposes. Actually, they should only be used as aesthetic boosts only when required (like when you’re writing a list, ahem) and with text optimization in mind at all times. Basically, when you bold something, or when you ad a H2 title tag to something in your article, the search engine robot will get an exclamation mark and say “oh, so this article is about this thing”. Special text is like a marker for search engines, so make sure you use it properly and to your advantage!

8. Get backlinks
This isn’t easy at all, but it is something that you need to do if you want more search engine visitors. If nobody links back to you, you don’t exist for the search engines. You don’t need a million links – a few to start with are great. Links will come naturally, as long as you publish interesting content, but will be few(er than one would like). You can get more backlinks by guest posting, probably the safest way to get them right now and the easiest method of them all.

So these would be my easy tips and tricks for a boost of visitors from Google and other search engines. Do you have any other tricks that you like to use to increase your numbers?

[Photo by Ron Cogswell]